Teaching portfolio

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As Assistant Professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, I have since 2016 administrated, taught and developed several different courses in the university’s teacher training programs, one-year English program, and master’s program in culture and language didactics. I have also had the pleasure of supervising several students towards completing their bachelor’s and master’s theses.

Through my experiences as well as the theoretical perspectives I have gained from e.g. the Teaching and Teacher Education PhD program, my approaches to teaching and supervision have evolved and improved. For this, I am particularly grateful to all the inspiring colleagues and students I have so far met and worked with along the way. They have helped me through the trials of teaching, shared the joys, and helped shape my perspectives and my practice for the better.

Click the birds below to find out more about my teaching experiences, what I believe has influenced me in my role as a lecturer in higher education (through my earlier days (foundations) and when English (corpus) linguistics took center stage for me), how I believe I have developed and improved since I started my career in teaching (through emphasising student motivation and activation as well as learning from my peers), where I believe I still have a lot to learn (work in progress!) and my thoughts about the future (looking ahead). I end with some of my experiences with course (re)design and program development, and you will also find some examples of resources I have developed as part of my approaches to (digital) teaching. Together, the final two pages give examples to further illustrate my development as a lecturer and department member, as well as my current practices.

Sometimes I lean on the thoughts and works of others in these sections, and when I do, you can find the complete reference here. You can find a list of the courses I have taught and other teaching-related responsibilities here.

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